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Your spa cover is one of the most important parts of your hot tub or spa. It keeps out all wind-blown matter and debris from clogging the filter and pump. It also prevents the accidental fall of a child or pet into a tub. A good spa cover can also saving energy and lowering your energy bill.

Our covers are designed and built solid inside out with quality craftsmanship to offer safety protection, durability, withstand the harsh Canadian weather, and also help you run spa more energy efficient.


Our spa covers are now made with following density foam cores:
Deluxe 1.5lb Density Foam
The foam cores provide strength, rigidity and insulation. The measurement used to express how well a cover retains heat is the R-value. While R-value varies with temperature, the simple fact is a higher foam density with thicker taper provides higher R-value which translates to better insulation. Therefore we take it further and use 1.5lb density foam instead of standard 1.0lb foam on the market. It provides substantial improvement for energy saving and added endurance for Canadian winter.
To ensure the best performance and durability, our foam cores are also reinforced with “C”-channel for added support and then vacuum sealed with poly-sheet (wrap) to create vapour barrier for water absorption protection.
This modern technique of vacuum seal differs from the industry’s traditional tape seal and heat seal. It removes air from inside the wrap, minimize aluminum corrosion, and seal off the foam cores tighter for protection. The end result is a stronger and longer life span of foam cores in our cover.


We use 100% Marine Grade UV Stabilized Vinyl for the top side of cover skin. They are Mildew Resistant, treated with sunlight UV protectant and formulated to meet a cold crack rating of -28.89°C (-20°F).

Heavy-duty moisture-resistant material is used for the underside of cover skin. It prevents waterlogging and protects the cover from chemically treated water.

Our covers are carefully sewn with extensive heavy duty stitching. Hinge insulation and overlap skirt are standard features for better heat retention. All wear & tear parts like the seam, handles are double reinforced. All straps are strengthened and finished with Lock-Down clips for child protection.

A strong, energy efficient cover with child safety features which complies with ASTM International Standards for weight support, consumer safety and labelling requirements is the final product that will be delivered to you!




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