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What is an ASTM Safety Compliance Spa Cover?
We take hot tub spa safety very seriously and wish everyone to enjoy to the fullest.

Our hot tub spa covers are made in accordance with ASTM F1346-91 – Standard Performance Specification for Manual Safety Covers and Labeling Requirements.

This specification establishes static load weight support, locking mechanism, and consumer labeling requirements to help to protect your children, pets & love one, and also reduces the risk of unfortunate event.


Why our Spa Cover is more Energy Efficient?

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Continue Corner Skirt  —
The continue corner skirt ensures no heat escape and maximum energy saving compared to other cheap covers on the market with a split skirt.

Vacuum Sealed Vapour Wrap —
This technology removes air from inside the wrap. It’s capable of keeping moisture off the foam and is the best protection for freezing damage in harsh Canadian winter.

Moisture-resistant underside  —
The moisture-resistant underside turns the steam back into the water. It prevents waterlogging cover and also enhances water saving.

Hinge Steam Stoppers —
The hinge end pillow and overlap skirt flap are essential features to ensure minimum heat escape and maximize energy saving.


What are Spa Hot Tub Cover's Do & Don't?


  • DO make sure you unfasten all the locks before lifting your cover.
  • DO make sure you use the Handles to lift your cover off. Cover lifter is a good idea too.
  • DO remove cover completely before entering your spa hot tub.
  • DO keep your cover clean from debris and sharp objects.
  • DO use a Broom or soft Brush to clear off snow from your cover.
  • DO remove thermal blanket and cover while performing water shock treatment.
  • DO properly closed and secured cover while not using it.
  • DO inspect cover for premature wear or deterioration regularly.


  • DON’T sit, stand or walk on your spa cover.
  • DON’T allow children or pets on your spa cover.
  • DON’T lift your cover by the skirt or the straps. Use the Handles!
  • DON’T allow excessive snow to accumulate on your spa cover.
  • DON’T use Shovel to clear off ice or snow from your cover.
  • DON’T leave inflatable toys on top of cover. Heat attraction can cause cover demage.
  • DON’T use any silicone or alcohol based cleaner, it makes vinyl skin prone to cracking.
  • DON’T use excessive chemicals in the water. It shorten cover’s lifespan. Get water pH level test kit and professional advise first.

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