Don’t Forget a Quality Cover When Setting Up Your New Hot Tub

The thought of lounging in your brand new hot tub is an exciting one. Whether you’re entertaining friends on a hot summer day, or unwinding with your spouse on a cold winter evening — hot tubs make a great addition to any lifestyle.

Once you’ve picked out the perfect hot tub, don’t forget to purchase a quality cover while you’re at it. Although chemical solutions and equipment cleaners are crucial, a high-quality cover is just as important. Hot tub covers serve a variety of purposes, especially when it comes to the protection of your new investment.

When shopping for a cover, don’t assume it must be bought from where your hot tub was purchased. Instead, opt for a retailer that specializes in hot tub covers and accessories.  And purchase factory-direct whenever possible. This will ensure you’re getting the best price possible because you’ll avoid retail markups.

A quality hot tub cover can protect your investment in a number of ways:

  • Keeps out dirt, leaves and debris
  • Prevents small animals like birds and raccoons from crawling inside
  • Shields hot tub from the outdoor elements, protecting equipment from sun and snow
  • Prevents small children from accidentally slipping in and becoming injured

Don’t forget that covers come in a various assortment of colours and sizes. There are many factors to consider when choosing yours.


Pick a cover that offers adequate thickness — which will range from about 3-6 inches. Thickness is not so much about weight as it is load capacity. If you live in a colder climate, thickness will be even more important. The thicker the cover, the more snow accumulation it can handle. It will also offer better insulation than its flimsier counterparts.


Not all covers come with this great safety feature, but it’s definitely worth the extra money. Hot tubs can be dangerous places for small children, especially when they’re left unsupervised. Keep your kids out by opting for a cover that includes four sturdy locks — one on each corner. These locks will not only prevent your children from crawling in, but will also make it tricky for raccoons to pry open!


A spa cover is only as good as the vinyl it’s made of. Choose a model that is durable and UV resistant. High-quality vinyl will not melt in the sun nor will it become discoloured over time. Because covers come in a variety of colours, it’s easy to choose one that complements the aesthetics of your home and yard.

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