How to Find and Fix a Hot Tub Leak

Hot tub leaks are an extremely frustrating problem, and they tend to pop up when you least expect them. If you have a good quality hot tub cover, you’ll often not see the hot tub water while it’s not in use. Nothing’s worse than going to use your tub for the first time in a while only to see the water level diminished! Hiring a professional to come repair your tub is an option, but that can be expensive.

Luckily, there’s another cheap and easy way to solve your leak issue: fixing them yourself! With a little know-how and the right materials, your hot tub will be as good a new in no time.

The Pump and Heater

The pump and heater are most common offenders when it comes to hot tub leaks. Turn off your hot tub’s power source, and then carefully examine the bottom of the pump for leaks. If you find one, you’ll either need to replace the pump seal, or the entire pump.

Next, examine the heater and all of its components. If you notice any loose spots or leaks, you’ll have to replace the parts.

Union Fittings

While you’re down there, examine the union fittings around your hot tub’s heater and pump. It’s very easy for them to come loose, regardless of your hot tub’s age. If this is the case, just re-tighten them by hand!

Valves and Connections

If you still haven’t found your problem, you’ll want to inspect the valves, pipes, jets, and connections. In a lot of cases, it’s simply a matter of re-tightening or sealing a pipe. On the other hand, if you notice failing valves or jets, they may need to be replaced entirely.

For plastic pipes and connectors with leaks, a product called “Plast-Aid” can be used to seal them.

The Shell

In very rare cases, the shell liner of the hot tub is cracked and leaking. That being said, shells in modern hot tubs are made of fiber glass and very strong. Therefore more often than not when you think you have a shell leak, it’s actually a problem with the jets. In the event that you do have a crack or hole in the shell, you can repair it fairly easy with Plast-Aid.

Still Stumped?

If you still can’t locate the leak, try one of these tricks.

  1. Add some coloured dye to the water, and examining around the base for coloured deposits.
  2. Add a small amount of water to the hot tub everyday, and examine for leaks immediately after. Once you finally notice dripping water, you’ll at least have a general idea of where the leak is located!

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