How to Keep Down Energy Costs of Your Hot Tub

Many states have commissioned studies to look into reducing hot tubs’ demands on the power grid. Solutions that have been proposed, in order from huge savings to lesser savings, include: Higher-quality covers A bad spa cover hurts energy efficiency in several ways. First, it may have poor insulation, allowing more heat to transfer out while the tub heats up. Second, it may have poor waterproofing. This lets cold air and moisture in, while allowing hot air to escape, further damaging your efficiency. Even worse, as poor covers become waterlogged, they become even better at transferring heat! Upgrading your cover can decrease your energy bill by up to a third. Increased insulation You can save about one quarter of a hot tub’s total energy consumption by improving the insulation. Although hot tubs sometimes insulate the cabinets, they often do not insulate…

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