How to Plan a Hot Tub Party

Planning any kind of party can be stressful, but hot tub parties add an entire extra layer of potential safety issues. However on the other hand, they’re tons of fun and wholly worth the added effort if you can pull it off! To help you plan the perfect hot tub party, here are some foolproof tips:

1. Choose your guests wisely
Some of your friends will probably be much more willing to get in the hot tub than others, so choose your guests based on who will be comfortable getting into their bathing suit. You don’t want any guests feeling pressured to participate! Also while working on your invites, keep in mind the maximum capacity of your hot tub so you don’t leave people out.

2. Test and turn on the tub ahead of time
Heating times for spas will vary and factors like the temperature outside will affect how long they take to heat up. As a general rule, every three degrees you wish the tub to heat up will take about 30 minutes, so be sure to turn it on well ahead of time. Test the chemicals one or two days in advance to give yourself time to tweak and balance if things are out of whack.

3. Have backup activities prepared
Even the best laid plans can be disrupted, so plan a couple of backup activities in case of bad weather or technical problems that may make hot tubbing impractical or impossible.

4. Provide plenty of light snacks
When people are going to be spending most of their time in their bathing suits, choosing the right snacks to provide is key. Nobody wants to eat a bunch of greasy or heavy foods while they are trying to look their best, so stick to lighter fare like veggies and dip, nachos, chicken kabobs, or egg rolls.

5. Offer a good selection of drinks
Even though the water in hot tubs are rarely ever deep, it’s important to remember that your guests will still be in what could be a dangerous situation. Stray away from serving alcohol so you can avoid any potential accidents!

6. Accessorize your tub
Since the party will be centered around your tub, it is a great opportunity to buy all of those spa accessories you have been dreaming about! Floating game boards, waterproof cards, and floating drink trays can all help spice up your party and keep your guests engaged.

7. Create party playlists
It’s never good when the host has to leave their guests to mess around with changing CDs. Pre-plan your party playlists to create different moods and keep your party hopping!

Don’t forget that even though you have a hot tub, your backyard bash doesn’t have to include bathing suits! If you don’t want your friends and family pilling into your spa, keep your hot tub cover on and use it as a drink station for guests to enjoy! It will prevent people from diving in while still getting to enjoy the spa.

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