Can a Hot Tub Help with Muscle Tension?

Most people consider their purchase of a hot tub and hot tub cover an investment in relaxation, but what if we told you it’s an investment in your health, too?

Hot tubs are not just a good way to relax and have fun, they can also provide a number of health benefits. From the moment your body is immersed in that hot water, you will begin to feel less stressed, less sore, and more relaxed. Weightlessness can help to dull pain and muscle tension while the sustained warmth of the water works its magic on the circulatory system and other parts of the body.

Heat from a hot tub causes a temporary increase in blood pressure as your system tries to disperse body heat through the skin by bringing blood to the surface. Instead of being cooled, the blood is warmed further and carries that warmth deeper into the body. This leads to a dilation of the blood vessels which lessens their resistance to blood flow and lowers the blood pressure again.

Muscle relaxation occurs as this warm blood reaches deeper into the affected muscles and tissues, causing them to expand. This helps to deaden muscle pain by helping the muscle release built-up lactic acid and other metabolic wastes, as well as easing pinched nerves or blood vessels. The hot water provides temporary pain relief as the body adjusts to the temperature change. This temperature change depressed the central nervous system and helps muscles relax while providing relief from pain. This result can be achieved by using hot or cold, but sitting in a hot tub is often more pleasant than sitting with an ice pack held to an affected area. (Note: Heat should not be used for recent injuries with broken skin or swelling.)

The jet action can also help to promote healing by delivering extra oxygen to the area, while the heat and pressure raise the level of antibodies and white blood cells. This promotes the destruction of bad cells and stimulates the growth of new, healthy tissue.

In trying to regain a normal temperature, the body attempts to sweat, so moisture will evaporate on the body and cool the skin. This process is also instrumental in ridding the body of toxins which is one reason why “sweating it out” is often an effective method of getting over a bad fever.

Finally, hot tubs can also be used to prepare the muscles before exercise, preventing muscle tension and injuries from occurring in the first place. You have probably heard that you should warm up your muscles before exercise- In many ways, this is meant quite literally! Hot water increases the range of motion in your muscles, allowing for exercise without injury.

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