5 of the Coolest Hot Tubs

Thinking about investing in a hot tub, but sick of the same old boring ones that all of your neighbours already have? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve rounded up this list of the top 5 coolest looking hot tubs to inspire you and show that a hot tub can be much more than just a giant box of water.

The Luxema 8000

There’s a good chance that this hot tub is bigger than most budget hotel rooms! Imagine trying to find a hot tub cover for this? It would be close in size to a driveway! It takes up two whole decks, and features its own staircase and bar…oh, and a big screen HD television. With no expense spared, this hot tub is almost good enough to live in! But with a price tag of close to $50,000, it should be.

The Luxema’s Little Brother

This hot tub (made by the same manufacturers) is a fraction of the size, but it boasts some pretty cool and useful features. For instance, it has two water compartments–one for relaxing, and one for exercising.This hot tub’s water jets create a strong enough current that you can actually use the longer half as a swimming treadmill!

Hot Spring Spas

How beautiful is this step in hot tub by Hot Spring Spas? In addition to its attractive outer design, this tub also features, “The first and only integrated salt water sanitizing system using diamond technology, Quartet jet system, Moto-Massage DX jet, Hydromassage jet, No-Fault® heater, optional ACE® salt water sanitizing system, SilentFlo 5000® circulation pump, Everwood® cabinetry, Soothing Seven jet and FootWell system.”


The HotTug isn’t just a Hot Tub. It’s also a boat! Great for virtually any weather condition, the HotTug only takes 2.5 hours to heat up to 38 degrees Celsius. What better than going for a relaxing ride across the cold lake in October, while you lean back and relax in soothing warm water?

The Dutch Tub

This Hot Tub looks more like a cooking device than a hot tub, and trust us—it’s just as high functioning! The Dutch Tub is well-made, durable, and most importantly, extremely portable. Although it’s large, it only weighs 150lbs, making it easy to carry by two adults. It also requires no electricity. Just toss some firewood into the metal spiral on the side, fill with water, and lean back in the soothing Dutch tub! How cool is that!?

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