How to Properly Drain Your Hot Tub

In order to keep your hot tub in tiptop working condition, it’s important that you drain and replace the water every few months to ward off the build-up of nasty bacteria and scum.

That said, there are right ways and wrong ways to do this. Here’s a hint: you can’t simply tip over your hot tub and dump it, as easy as that might be. But all kidding aside, there are proper ways to drain your hot tub.

Disconnect All Power

Before you do any draining, turn off your hot tub’s water heater and circuit breaker. It’s always dangerous to work with appliances that use both water and electricity, and a failure to follow this step could lead to fatal results.

Next, remove the tub’s cover and filter. You can clean both of these parts with a hose.

Main Tub

The easiest (and least messy) way to drain a hot tub is by using a standard garden hose and connecting it to your tub’s drain spout. Pull the end of the house to wherever you’d like the water to end up. A sewer grate is ideal, but if your hose isn’t long enough you may want to consider finding a discreet area of your lawn to pump the water, as the chemicals from the water may slightly damage the grass.

If your hot tub is built with an electric air blower, you’ll need to turn on the breaker, then switch on the blower and let it run for a minute so water can drain from the lines. If water isn’t draining properly through the spigot, you might need to use a water safe vacuum to finish the job.

Couplers, Valves and Drains

Once the main part of the tub is drained, you’ll want to access the heater housing by loosening the plastic couplers. Remove all drains and bleed valves on the pumps to avoid damaging your hot tub during the cold winter months. Icy weather can cause cracks that will lead to bad leaks in the spring!

To get rid of any water that might still be hiding in jet lines, use a wet/dry vacuum! A little moisture or wet residue isn’t anything to worry about, but anything more than a centimeter deep is, so you’ll want to make sure everything is at minimum 99% dry.

And voila, there you have it! An empty hot tub. When you’re ready to fill it again, you can just follow the same set of instructions in reverse.

Hot tubs are great investments – With proper maintenance, a well-fitted hot tub cover, and regular drainage, you’ll have it in working order for many years to come!

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