How Much Time is Involved with Hot Tub Maintenance?

It used to be that maintaining a hot tub was once a lot of work. But these days, the task has become much easier thanks to modernized equipment and more effective chemical solutions. If you’re curious as to whether owning a hot tub is worth the trouble, then consider how much time is involved in caring for your new spa. You can then determine how to best fit these tasks into your weekly routine.

Checking the Water
Frequency: Every two days

Water cleanliness is extremely important in hot tub use. A hot tub filled with bacteria is not only unpleasant, but also harmful to the body. Although the water does not need to be changed as often, it is crucial that you check on the water status at least once every two days.

Ensure your pH levels are in line with expert recommendations and that you are using the right amount of chlorine at all times. Total alkalinity and calcium hardness are also factors that need to be measured on a regular basis.

Test Strips Frequency:
Frequency: Twice per week

If you’re going to adjust the chemical levels in your spa, make sure to first check the water’s current status with test strips. These strips should be used about twice per week. Make sure your chlorine and pH levels are well-balanced. Many experts say hot tub maintenance is more so an art than a strict science. Practice usually makes perfect. So be patient with your testing procedures and you should become a pro over time.

Changing the Water
Frequency: 3-6 months

If your hot tub use is higher than most, you’ll want to change the water more frequently than not. Chlorine and chemical solutions can only do so much when it comes to water maintenance. The water should be completely dumped out and replaced every few months depending on how it looks. Dirty water will also begin to smell over time — so pay extra attention especially during the summer months.

Maintaining the Cover
Frequency: Once per month

Your hot tub cover will guard the water from debris and provide insulation to prevent heat from escaping. But maintenance of this actual cover is very important as the sun’s UV rays can cause it to harden or crack. Wipe down the cover on a regular basis and move it around to alleviate stiffness. Hot tub covers are a valuable investment. Take good care of this accessory so it can effectively take care of your spa for years to come.

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