How to Find the Right Location for Your Hot Tub

So you’ve finally picked out your dream hot tub. Now it’s time to getting thinking about installation options. One of the most dreaded decisions is the placement of your spa, and that’s because the decision can be a tricky one. You want a location that is not only logistically sound, but also convenient for entertaining. Many spas can be installed both indoors and out, but most users tend to prefer the outdoor option.

If you’ve chosen to place your new hot tub somewhere in the backyard, the process may seem like an easy one. After all, there is so much space out there. However, it’s important to remember that outdoor installations also require some meticulous thought.

Can the surface support the weight?

No matter how small and “lightweight” your hot tub may seem, don’t forget that its weight can nearly triple once you factor in the water and all the people sitting in it. If your hot tub will be on a deck, speak to a builder about how much weight the deck can support. And don’t forget that all surfaces should be smooth and level. Jagged or sloping areas are not a good location.

Is there good drainage in the surrounding area?

On rainy days, your hot tub will accumulate water. The same will happen when snow begins to melt around your spa. The best way to avoid water buildup is to ensure there is adequate drainage around the hot tub. Don’t choose an area that is prone to rainwater accumulation as this can damage your spa and its mechanisms.

Is it in close proximity to a power source?

Hot tubs need proper access to electricity and other power sources. Consult your manual or an installation expert about the ideal positioning of your equipment. You want the control panels and electrical sources to be nearby so you have quick access during an emergency situation.

Is there access to the inner compartments?

Choose a location that allows you free access to the hot tub’s control panel and mechanical equipment. Unobstructed access will be extremely helpful during repairs and routine maintenance work.

Suitable surfaces

Hot tubs can rest on a variety of surfaces. But that’s doesn’t mean the foundation doesn’t need to be carefully prepared before installation.

  • Gravel – least expensive of all foundation materials
  • Poured concrete slab – low-maintenance and good for the long-term
  • Paver stone – adds aesthetic beauty and comes in a variety of shapes and colours

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